Rosennie Roll On Hot Depilatory Wax Cartridge Heater Waxing Hair Removal Remove (Gold)

  • Veet easy wax replacement
  • Fit to 100ml Veet electrical heating device
  • SMALL ROLLER (for underarms and bikini area )
  • Salon results at home
  • Now available on Great Price!

How to use:

Apply the pre wax pre gently to the skin area to be waxed
Apply the roll on cartridge in a short stroke on a piece of no woven strip to cover the roller equally in wax
Apply the roll on wax over the area to be waxed, holding the cartridge in a 45 degree angle to the skin and apply with gentle long strokes
Strip the wax off using the usual depilation method
Apply after wax soother to clean up all residual wax

Package Content:
1 X Depilatory Wax Cartridge

Lowest Price: £2.09
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