DEAL OF THE DAY – 180 Cosmetics Cellulite Reducing Solution – Cellulite Cream Reduces Cellulite and Dramatically Improves Skin’s Texture And Appearance, Anti Cellulite Treatment (Orange Peel Cream

  • Reduces lumpy ‘orange peel’ texture caused by cellulite
  • Dramatically improves skin’s texture and appearance
  • Promotes reduction of fat mass and helps thin mass development
  • Cellulite is significantly reduced with continued use
  • WHY YOU NEED TO CHOOSE 180 COSMETICS? Because you deserve to get the best possible results!!

This advanced, clinically approved formula is scientifically formulated to smooth, tone, and tighten the skin, significantly reducing the lumpy appearance and texture caused by cellulite. The cream’s unique combination of active ingredients promotes the reduction of fat mass in the skin and helps develop the thin mass for improved firmness and elasticity. It also hydrates the skin, stimulates cell renewal, and contains powerful antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and detoxify the skin.At 180? Cosmetics, we believe in creating solutions that help maintain and restore your youth, beauty, and femininity, so you can feel confident all over, every day.All of our advanced formulas contain the highest-quality nourishing oils and natural extracts, and are never tested on animals.Directions: Apply daily, massaging a thin layer of the cream in firm, circular motions until fully absorbed.Formulated without: Formalin, Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Petro-chemicals, GMO, Triclosan, colors or dyes.

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Pure Grape Seed carrier Oil 50 ml 2 oz 100 %, undiluted, Vitis Vinifera, Italy, Hypoallergenic, best Natural Moisturizer for Skin, Nails, Lips, Hair, Face, Body, Scalp, rich Omega 6, Vitamin E, skin&body softening, nourishing, anti cellulite effect, anti-aging, anti wrinkles, can uses as pure agent, an excellent with essential oil, great for beauty, aromatherapy, relaxation, bath, SPA, bath, wellness, for cosmetics shampoo, masks, cream, soap, brown glass bottle, by AROMATIKA

  • 100% pure oils are the basis for your health, beauty, and longevity.
  • Natural Grape Seed Oil is best Natural Moisturizer for Skin, Nails, scalp, Hair, lips, eyes, eyelashes, Face and body, rich Omega 6, vitamin E, skin&body softening, nourishing, anti cellulite effect, anti-aging, anti wrinkles, can uses as pure agent, an excellent with essential oil, great for beauty and wellness.
  • For more details please refer to the works on cosmetics (cosmetology) and aromatherapy.
  • Make the right choice and protect your health and beauty.

100 % naturreines Öl
Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil
Volumen: 50 ml
Herkunftsland: Italien

Das Öl ist reich an polyungesättigten Fettsäuren (Omega-6) und Vitamin E. Geruchlos. Es hat eine antioxidative Wirkung. Es besänftigt und nährt die Haut, hat gute befeuchtende Wirkungseigenschaften. Dieses Öl zieht sehr gut in die Gesicht- und Körperhaut ein. Wird angewendet:

  • für Pflege der fettigen und unreinen Haut;
  • Für Pflege der faltenreichen, müden und schlaffen Haut;
  • Bei der extremen Trockenheit der Haut, welche durch den Einfluss der schädlichen Faktoren verursacht wurde.

Detaillierte Informationen sind bei der Verwendung von Fachliteratur über Kosmetic  (Kosmetologie) und Aromatherapie erhalten werden.

Haltbarkeitsfrist:  24 Monate
Lagerungsbedingungen: Dicht geschlossen an einem für Kinder unzugänglichen Ort bei der Temperatur nicht höher als+ 25° С lagern. Vor direkter Sonneneinstrahlung schützen.
Vorsichtsmaßnahmen: Nur zur äußerlichen Anwendung. Muss individuell getestet werden. Kontakt mit den Augen vermeiden. Bei Berührung mit den Augen sofort gründlich mit viel Wasser ausspülen. Für Kinder unzugänglich aufbewahren.

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Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Maximiser with Cellulite Firming Technologies Sunbed Lotion 360ml

  • Powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and restores firmness.
  • Deep tanning stimulators allow for deep, dark gorgeous color without the use of bronzer.
  • Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.
  • Fragrance: Sweet Black Lotus

Devoted Creations Blonde Obsession Maximiser with Cellulite Firming Technologies Sunbed Lotion 360ml

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Shea Butter Organic Enriched With Olive Oil, Beeswax, Argan Oil & Helichrysum – Skin and Hair Natural Ultra Care – Moisturizes and Repairs Hair, Hands , Feet , Body , Elbows and Knees – 250ml – For Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rashes, Itchiness, Redness – Relieves Windburn, Sunburn and Winter Dry Skin – Reduces Stretch Marks, Scars and Cellulite – Natural Hair Conditioner – Baby Care

  • COMPLETE SKINCARE PRODUCT: Most Of Women Use Shea Butter to create their own Handmade Cosmetics. Fysio Laboratory Created a Product that is Ready to Use. Contains Certified Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Helichrysum. Shea Butter Contains Essential fatty acids & vitamins A, D, E, & F.
  • SHEA BUTTER: Is one of the best moisturizing, anti-aging regenerating and protecting natural product in the World! It protects your skin from UV sunlight, harsh climate, dehydration and pollution damages. If you have wrinkles, fine lines and crow feet or if your skin is dry, very dry, damaged or devitalized, Shea butter will make all of these problems vanish and bring your skin back into life and beauty.
  • THE BODY HEALER: its high content in anti-inflammatory and healing components, Shea butter helps the healing of skin disorders and problems like: Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash Hives, Insect Bites, Contact Dermatitis, Skin Cracks, Burns, Minor Cuts, Diaper Rash.Is deeply soothing and calming on any irritation and inflammation.
  • HAIR REVITALIZATION: Shea butter works very well as a hair conditioner / Mask and the great thing is that it won’t leave your hair looking or feeling greasy. It can help protect your hair from drying out in hot conditions and reduce frizzy hair. Also is good for dry scalp and helps to moisturize it.
  • 100% NATURAL PRODUCT: Dermatologically tested – (Long Lasting – 250ml / 8.45 fl oz) – No cheap fillers – No Water – No Mineral Oil – No Petroleum – Paraben Free – Harsh Chemicals Free – Fragrance free, Cruelty Free – SLS Free – Solid Product at Low Temperature – Buy With Confidence As A Gift to Yourself or For Someone that you Care about.


From now on you do not need to create your DIY recipes. Fysio Laboratories creates a product that is ready to Use.

Contains Raw Unrefined Premium Grade Shea Butter enriched with active ingredients:

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil: For Dry Skin, Strengthen Your Nails, Soft Shiny Hair, Prevent Wrinkles.

Organic Beeswax: For Lock in skin’s hydration, Heals Dry, Cracked Lips, Treats Diaper Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema, Acne

Argan Oil: For Hair Conditioner, Anti Aging, Dry Skin Conditions, Acne, Protection and Healing, Foot, Hand and Nail Treatment

Jojoba Oil: For acne control, dry cuticles, cracked feet and dry hands, eczema and psoriasis , dry and frizzy hair

Helichrysum: For Acne Treatment, Dry Skin, Skin Antibiotic and Antifungal, Itchy Skin relief.

Benefits of Daily Use:

– Provides anti-aging properties
– Moisturizes Both Scalp & Hair
– Relieves Windburn, Sunburn & Winter Dry skin
– For Acne and Psoriasis
– Reduces Stretch Marks, Scarring and Cellulite
– Prevents Diaper Rash for Babies
– To moisturise Hair
– Protect Hair from Damage
– Ideal to protect your Lips
– Reduce the appearance of wrinkles & blemishes
– Maintain the elasticity and strength of the skin

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