KEISHA Carrot Skin Lightener – Natural Lightening Cream Reduces Dark Spots and Age Spots Uneven Skin Tone Hyperpigmentation with Natural Active Skin Lightening Ingredients 100ml

  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED & CLINICALLY PROVEN: 94% of Users Report Significant Skin Lightening. This Product Works!
  • LIGHTENS NATURALLY: Our Special Blend of Leading Edge Ingredients and Anti-Oxidants Penetrates Deeply to Naturally Block Pigments from Forming, and Allowing Lighter Skin Cells to Rise to the Surface of Your Skin. Lighten from Within!
  • DIMINISHES DARK SPOTS: Helps Achieve A Healthy Glow and Prevents Spots from Returning. Clear Your Complexion!
  • NO CHEMICALS: KEISHA COSMETICS is Free of Hydroquinone, Bleach, Mercury and all Other Harsh Chemicals Present in Many Skin Whiteners. No Stinging, Burning or Dry Skin!

LOOKING FOR SOME FAIRNESS & GLOW IN YOUR SKIN? Visibly Lighten Your Face and Body with Lightning-Fast Results Innovative Skin Lightening Cream Naturally Brightens without Harsh Bleaching, Surgical Scraping, Chemical Peeling or Burning ★ Lighter Skin ★ Melanin darkens skin. KEISHA contains active skin lightening agents that penetrate to help block the skin’s production of melanin, allowing lighter skin cells to rise to the skin’s surface, lightening your complexion. ★ Diminished Dark Spots ★ KEISHA COSMETICS uses safe, plant-based ingredients to help reduce the appearance of freckles, liver-spots, and uneven pigmentation areas while keeping your skin soft and supple with natural moisturizers and nourishing vitamins. ★ Even Tone ★ KEISHA COSMETICS gently polishes and brightens the skin to restore a youthful glow. It also protects against sun damage while providing deep hydration and nourishment. KEISHA is GUARANTEED to Lighten Your Skin ★ Lightens with Clinically Proven Ingredients ★ Formulated for All Skin Types ★ Made in FRANCE (A Country known as a leader in Skin Care) ★ No Animal Testing Lavish Your Look with KEISHA COSMETICS! Our supplies run out fast. Start Glowing Now and Order a Jar of this Lustrous Skin Lightening Cream!

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Keisha Cosmetics Lait Eclaircissant Carrot Oil Skin Whitening Lightening Brightening Bleaching Carrot Glow Body Milk Lotion 250ml – Helps with pigmentation spots

  • The KEISHA whitening beauty milk with carrot contains valuable tyrosinase inhibitor agents that block the melanin synthesis to lighten the complexion evenly and lastingly.
  • With its high lightening active contents combined with carrot oil rich in vitamin A, a powerful cell regenerator, the KEISHA beauty milk is particularly efficient against hyper pigmentation spots, scars and age spots.
  • Its soft and delicately scented texture provides lasting hydration and leaves your skin soft and satin-like.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • DIRECTIONS : Apply twice a day a thin layer of milk on the sections to be treated and massage the product softly in.

INDICATIONS : Le lait de beauté éclaircissant KEISHA à la carotte contient de précieux actifs inhibiteurs de la tyrosinase qui bloquent la synthèse de mélanine pour éclaircir le teint de façon très uniforme et durable. Grâce à sa teneur élevée en actifs éclaircissants associés à l’huile de carotte, très riche en vitamine A et qui est un véritable régénérateur cellulaire, le lait de beauté KEISHA est particulièrement efficace contre les taches d’hyperpigmentation, les cicatrices et les taches de vieillesse. Sa texture onctueuse et délicatement parfumée assure une hydratation longue durée et laisse votre peau douce et satinée. MODE D’ EMPLOI : Appliquer deux fois par jour une fine couche de lait sur les parties à traiter et masser délicatement pour faire pénétrer le produit.

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