Semi Permanent Hair Dye : Burgundy Natural Red Hair Dye for Blonde Hair Colours, by Renaissance Henna

  • Hibiscus Pure Natural Hair Dye Powder from Morocco, naturally organic hair dye, semi permanent hair dye
  • 100% pure herbal hair dye and hair conditioner for blonde hair
  • Soak powder in freshly boiled hot water and strain after one hour, reserving the red liquid. Apply paste to hair, covered, for one hour, wash out thoroughly and then rinse hair with the burgundy red hibiscus juice
  • Blonde hair colours can combine this with cassia obovata for deep conditioning + burgundy hair colour; simply mix cassia obovata powder with hibiscus juice and apply burgundy paste to blonde hair for one hour, well wrapped
  • Don’t forget to post snapshots of your before and after hair colour below !

PLEASE NOTE: PRODUCT INFORMATION & HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN ENGLISH ONLY. Apply hibiscus paste to hair, cover well, wash out and then rinse with hibiscus nourishing hair juice for the ultimate mahogany hair glow. Add to cassia obovata hair conditioner for deep conditioning and burgundy hair colour in one. For permanent hair colour, add hibisus juice to henna; hibiscus tones will be semi permanent but henna dye will be permanent. Blonde and gray hair colours must not use henna hair dye without first understanding henna hair zone colours – see Renaissance Henna hair dye listings for further information. Do post snapshots of your before and after hair colour below to enable a better understanding of natural hair colour dyes and to help promote alternative choices to synthetic chemical based hair dyes.

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