Naissance Star Anise Essential Oil 10ml 100% Pure

  • Considered to be effective in aromatherpy and vaporisor treatments for treating of coughs and colds and as an insect repellent
  • Massage: Known to help with aches and pains, colic and indigestion
  • Use in skincare: Known to be helpful in cleansing, as a fragrance in cosmetics and perfumes
  • Safety: can cause drowsiness, use in moderation


Star Anise essential oil has a charming, sweet, spicy and liquorice-like aroma. It is produced from the seeds of an unusual, almost star shaped fruit which grows on a small oriental tree. Each fruit has between five and ten pointed sections, approximately eight on average. The hard sections are the seed pods. The fruit is picked before it can ripen, is then dried and the oil is often extracted from the seed through the process of steam distillation.

In aromatherapy, Star Anise is used for its known digestive, stimulant and diuretic properties. Many sources have been indicative that it can be helpful in alleviating problematic skin conditions, in combatting stress related fatigue and to improve wellbeing. Star Anise is known to stimulate and to also aid concentration and can have a beneficial effect on improving the libido. Can be used as a natural breath freshener and to settle stomach complaints. Considered to be a great reliever of aches and pains when used in massage. ?

Blends well with rose, lavender, orange

Main constituents are: (E)-anethole, foeniculin, limonene, cinnamyl acetate, linalool

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