Naissance Petitgrain Essential Oil 10ml 100% Pure

  • Known to be effective in aromatherapy and vaporiser treatments: Fatigue, anxiety and tension
  • Woody, yet floral aroma
  • Use in skincare: Lotions, creams, balms. Balancing for oily skin or hair

The essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation using the leaves and twigs. It has a floral yet at the same time woody aroma and is a pale yellow in colour of appearance. The name petitgrain comes from the literal meaning of little grains, as once the essential oil was extracted using the tiny green unripe orange fruits from the plant.

Main Uses:
In aromatherapy treatments, it is thought beneficial for helping with low mood, anger, anxiety, calming of the nerves and boosting the minds thoughts for more positive thinking.

In massage, it is thought to be helpful in the treatment of anger, anxiety, panic attacks and sleeplessness.

In creams, lotions and balms it is known to be effective for treatment of oily skin and have a balancing effect.

Blends Well with:
lavender, bergamot, geranium and rosewood

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