Naissance Nutmeg Essential Oil 10ml 100% Pure

  • Spicy aroma, warming and soothing
  • Used in skincare for; Fragrance, also for use in cosmetics, perfumes and soaps
  • Effective in massage for aches and pains


A tree often found in the West Indies and are either a female or male tree, usually with more females to males in ratio, hence the name also given to them; harem trees and there is usually 1 male tree to every dozen of female trees. The trees do not flower until approximately 9 to 10 years of age. They produce yellow flowers which are followed by yellow fruits. When the fruits split open, they then display the black seed, the nutmeg which is wrapped in a red lacy aril which is the mace. Both the nutmeg and mace are dried separately. The essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation of the dried, crushed seeds and is a pale yellow colour in appearance with a spicy and warm aroma. Once known as a tonic and stimulant, it is a great aide in combating fatigue and for an uplifting effect. Main Uses:

Fragrance in men’s cologne’s and aftershaves. Used in perfumes, lotions, creams and balms as a fragrance. Known to be effective in massage for aches and pains. In aromatherapy it can ease fatigue and anxiety.

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