Manic Panic Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 118ml (Electric Banana)

  • Electric Banana Coloured And Very Long Lasting Semi Permanent Hair Dye, Lasting Up To 6 Weeks!
  • 118ml Tub Transforms Your Hair With A Burst Of Bright Colour Which Grabs Attention!
  • Best Results Are Obtained By Applying To Bleached Or Pre-Lightened Hair.
  • Vegan Friendly and Free From The Chemical PPD, Manic Panic Is Never Tested On Animals.
  • Follow The Instructions On The Tub For The Best Results And Get A Great Stunning Colour Today!

Get your hands on Manic Panic Electric Banana from Blue Banana (well, its just natural really), and see your hair colour be transformed by a brilliantly bananas neon yellow with a slight tinge of green which even glows under black light. Its such a wonderfully shocking colour there could only be one name for it. Take your hair colour and style up a level with Manic Panic Electric Banana, one of the most stunning shades in the Manic Panic collection, and one that certainly lives up to its name and does what it says on the tin. If you want people to notice you whether youre walking down the street in bright sunlight where this colour may take on a greener shade, or when youre just in normal light where its more like bright highlighter yellow, this Manic Panic Electric Banana dye is definitely the one for you. If you happen to be at a gig or in a club with black light, youll certainly be glowing in the dark too. To get the best results from this great Manic Panic Electric Banana shade, you must ensure that you have bleached your hair as close to white as possible before applying Manic Panic Electric Banana, as this classic formula is not designed to cut through darker shades of hair, and if you try to apply to natural hair you may be disappointed with the result. Were so confident youre going to love this shade of Manic Panic Electric Banana yellow hair dye, and when youve experimented with it wed love to see what you look like afterwards. Drop us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages with a photo if you want to share your new look with the world. Please Note: Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity and base colour.

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