Luseta Macadamia & Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set 2x1000ml Cleanse and Purify the scalp of impurities Detangle Replenish and Moisturize for better manageability Sulfate free Phosphate free Paraben free

  • Builds protection for hair from harsh daily environmental elements
  • Moisturizes hair and soothes the scalp
  • Nourishes from your scalp to your ends
  • Professional performance product-use results in soft hair
  • Macadamia increases silkiness and heals damaged hair

Macadamia Oil: contains great sources of calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, proteins, phosphorus and iron and contains 80 percent mono saturated fats Argan Oil: contains high quantities of vitamin E which promotes healthy hair Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil: effective in cleansing and purifying the scalp of impurities Wheat Protein: easily absorbs into the hair shaft for strength and moisture

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