ISB – ANTICELLULITE MASSAGE cream 8, 50 Fl. Oz – With Thermal Water of Ischia Island

  • Suitable for any type of massage.
  • Gives softness, elasticity and tone to the skin.
  • Active ingredients: eucalyptus, edera, oak oak (fucus), horse chestnut, thermal water.
  • Prevents and fights the formation of cellulite. Exerts a firming and toning effect.
  • (more information in the description)

Fights cellulite. Its smoothness is particularly suitable for any type of massage. The perfect marriage of thermal water and functional substances such as ivy, horse chestnut and marine oak (kelp), naturally extracts excess fluids present in the tissues and in the first few superficial layers of skin, as they are replaced by the minerals. The skines softer and more elastic, acquiring a better tone. Method of use apply with massagepletely absorbed.

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