Golden Blonde Henne Natural Henna Hair Colouring Dye Powder

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A henna hair colouring powder that is made with a blend of natural henna, neutral henna and small amounts of black henna. The powder is a product you mix up yourself where as the creams we also offer are a pre-mixed solution in a ready to apply bottle.

Henna is an oriental shrub known since ancient times for its benefits. It fortifies, gives body to the hair and protects it from harsh weather conditions.

Henna is nature’s safe means to colour and condition hair, recommended for women who want to free themselves from chemical dyes and bleaches. Used alone or combined with other plants, Henna deepens and highlights the natural hair colour, and improves the general hair health.

Unlike chemical hair colourings that penetrate each strand of hair in depth, Henna deposits a film of colour on the hair surface to offer protection as well as body. Because of Henna’s surface-tinting property, the final shade will depend on the original colour of the hair. This tone-on-tone effect thoroughly covers troublesome first white hairs.

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