Wella Shockwaves Styling Steel Gel (150ml) – Pack of 2

  • Absolute freeze effect
  • To refresh your style, redefine with damp fingers.
  • Shockwaves allows you to rock your own style

Do you need the ultimate in style hold when it comes to your hair. Wella Shockwaves Styling Steel gel has a freeze hold effect to hold even the most ambitious, gravity defying styles. Need to refresh your style. Then just redefine with damp fingers. Shockwaves allows you to rock your own style, which everyone knows is key if youre out for a big night. Shockwaves hair styling range will help you adapt to any situation from the pub, to the gig, to the dance floor. Style. Attract. Play.

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Naissance Palmarosa Essential Oil 50ml 100% Pure

  • Nature: Soothing and balancing
  • Skincare: Regenerating for all skin types, spots, problem skin
  • Massage: Digestion, soothes the skin
  • Aroma/Vapour: Clears the mind, fragrance in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes
  • Blends Well With: Geranium, ho leaf, sandalwood, chamomile

Palmarosa, also known as Turkish or East Indian Geranium is a fragrant herbaceous plant of the same family as citronella and lemongrass, Palmarosa is native to India and Pakistan but also grown in Africa and Brazil.

The oil has a long lasting sweet, rose like scent popular with soap and fragrance makers. Main Uses:

In aromatherapy the oil is chosen for use in blends intended to help with stress and nervous exhaustion. It is also thought to be beneficial to those suffering from digestive problems.

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