Allewie Makeup Brushes Set 10pcs Wooden Handle 1 Free Black Bag Professional Cosmetic Brushes for Eyeshadow , Foundation , Lip , Concealer , Powder and Other Makeup

  • Soft & Fine Nylon Bristles: The brushes adopts fine nylon bristles. Nylon bristles are suitable for both dry and wet cosmetic. They are soft, smooth and comfortable, not sticking dust and easy to clean
  • Non-slip Wooden Handle: The handle is made of wood with aluminum brush tube. It’s very comfortable and easy to hold firmly
  • Multifunctional Brushes: Ten in one. This makeup brushes set contains ten different brushes including: face blender brush, blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow sponge brush, eye liner brush, angled brow brush, lip brush, eye brow groomer brush. Those brushes can fulfill all your needs
  • Supplied One Free Black Bag: It supplied one free bag for you to put all your brushes in. It’s suitable for the beginners to makeup perfectly
  • Package Contents: 1 x Allewie Makeup Brushes Set 10pcs: 1 x Foundation Brush; 1 x Blush Brush; 1 x Angled Brow Brush; 1 x Lip Brush; 1 x Eye Shadow Brush; 1 x Eye Shadow Sponge Brush; 1 x Eyeliner Brush; 1 x Face Blender Brush; 1 x Eye Brow Groomer Brush; 1 x Concealer Brush;1 x Black Bag

Allewie MUB-ANF-01 Makeup Brushes Set
High-quality Material

Nylon Bristles: Uses fine nylon bristles. It is suitable for not only dry powder, but also for wet cosmetics, such as: lipstick.
Wooden Handle: The handle is made of wood and non-slip. The aluminum brush tube is also very durable. It’s very comfortable and easy to hold firmly.

Usage of each Brushes
Face Blender Brush: For helping you to powder easily and equably
Blusher Brush: For blush blooming
Foundation Brush: This brush can help you to create a more transparent base makeup and avoid thick foundation makeup efficiently
Concealer Brush: For hiding the fleck and other small area in your face
Eye shadow Brush: For coloring the entire eye shadow
Eye shadow Sponge Brush: For further makeup. It’s suitable for emphasizing color and can make the color of your eye shadow more balance
Eye liner Brush: Suitable for showing the eyeliner outline
Angled Brow Brush: Apply to eyebrow outline and eyebrow color
Lip Brush: For lip outline and lip gloss color
Eye brow Groomer Brush: Dual-purpose brush. It can comb both of your eyebrow and lash

Product Care
1. According to the material of the bag, the bag may have a little smell when you firstly open it. Just put it in the open air for a while, the smell will automatically distribute over time.
2. The way to clean the brushes
You can use a little bit of the special detergent for the brush to wash it. You can ONLY use cold water to wash it and Do Not wash the bristles in a reverse.
After that, use a tissue or cotton pads to press the brushes lightly to let water discharge quickly. Do Not twist the bristles.
Finally, let the bristles air-dry naturally by hanging up the brushes. Do not use a hair dryer or put it under the sun exposure to avoid damaging the bristles.

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